Thursday, October 2, 2008


At the request of Todd and a few others, here is an update of what Ive been working on.

Ive been adding two additions to my forge shed. My original shop was 10x16. The additions are 10x12 and 10x8. This will more than double my square footage and allow me to seperate my forging area from my grinding and finishing area.

My next step is to lay down some gravel to level off the floor, then its on to the roof and walls. Most of the shop will get partial walls so it will remain basically an open air shed.

I cant wait to get it all set up the way I want it.

More soon.


1 comment:

Todd: said...

That looks great, Larry! I'm sure the extra space feels good. I like your idea of leaving it partially open air, unless you have really nasty winters.