Monday, June 30, 2008

Fathers day knife.

My father joked with me a while back about how I make all those knives and have never given him one. Little did he know I had already started a knife for him. This is the result. The steel is from an old file and its cutting edge is 2.5 inches. The handle is a white tail antler tip with cotton cord wrappings. Everything is sealed up with orange flake shellac (wonderful stuff). I made a very basic sheath from some scrap leather to finish it up. This is the style of knife that really suits my dad. Rough with a tribal feel to it. He was totally surprized. These simple knives are alot of fun to make and they are soo useful.
Thanks for looking.


Stephen Renico said...


I've been lurking here for a while and really enjoy your work.

FYI, I finally got around to updating my site. I took the liberty of linking yours under the heading "Knifemaking and Smithing".

Keep up the good work.


Todd: said...

Love this knife, Larry. You've got the tribal look down. Inspiring!

Sharpenstein said...

Thanks guys. I greatly appreciate your comments.
Stephen, no sweat on the link.
Todd, your work inspires me all the time. I think we have similar tastes.

Bob-e said...
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Bob-e said...

I think that the pix does not give the knife justice. It is the best work you have done yet.
Thank You for showing the knife
to me in person !!! :)

J. Dunn said...

Your knives really are awesome and very inspiring as the other fella said. I am really getting into this type of art. I'm really looking forward to seeing your shop and seeing your knives in person.
- J